Three Magic Tricks Made Possible Through Science

Magic involves putting on mind-boggling performances and creating illusions. Much of it can be achieved through the help of science. It’s a great way in which to teach your child ordinary science lessons. Magic is engaging for children of all ages so you should have little trouble getting them involved. We have teamed up with an international school in London to share three magic tricks made possible through science that you can try at home. Disclaimer – those that involve sharp objects such as empty cans should be handled with caution.

Straw Through an Apple

The straw through an apple trick gives the illusion that something as flimsy as a straw can move through a hard object like an apple. Take a straw and push it quickly through an apple – it will move through it very easily! As the air within the straw gets trapped, it stiffens the straw and means it is able to make its way through the apple.

Moving Can

On a flat surface using a blown-up balloon and an empty drink can, rub the balloon against your hair and hold it close to the can. The can should be on its side, and you should see it move for itself from the static electricity created. If pulled off well, the can will look as if it has a mind of its own.

Sugar Cube Trick

This trick involves making a sugar cube with a number written on it disappear and re-appear. Begin by writing a number down on a sugar cube with a washable marker and press down firmly so that the ink transfers to your thumb. Then, you want to place it in a cup of water, whisk it until it dissolves and ask a volunteer to wave their hand over the cup while you pick up another second sugar cube and transfer the ink from your thumb.

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