Today I realized I have never really introduced myself on the Fun Science blog, so in case you were wondering who ‘Chemical Cress’ really is, read below for 5 things about me. I would love to know if anyone actually reads this blog so feel free to comment 5 things about you so we can all get to know each other! 

I love to juggle – I learned to juggle when I was 16 and have recently got back into it. I was never concerned with ‘numbers’ juggling and instead have tried to master a number of three ball tricks such as Mills Mess, The Windmill and ‘The Crane’. Look these up on Youtube if you want to! You can also see a video of me juggling here but the quality of filming is pretty poor!  When I came to university I ultimately wanted to join the circus or be a Butlins’ Redcoat. I still haven’t given up the Redcoat idea completely but I’ve gone off the circus one!

I have a degree in Biology/Psychology – I’m pretty sure I posted about this before, but in July 2013 I graduated with a first class honors degree in Biology/Psychology (Bsc) from Bath Spa University. My favorite parts of the course were learning about the human body and anything to do with genetics! My dissertation was about juggling and was titled ‘the influence of juggling on spatial abilities, reaction time and vigilance’. If anyone would like to know more about what I did/found out feel free to ask.

I genuinely love science – You would think, working with science all day every day I would get bored of the subject, but in fact this job has only increased my passion for science. I volunteer regularly at @Bristol and have free entry so go there often. I recently took a trip to the London Eye for my parents’ wedding anniversary and persuaded my whole family to stop off at the science museum for two hours which was not long enough!

I can solve a Rubik’s cube in 2 minutes – This list is starting to become a ‘things Cress can do’ list but genuinely, this one sounds more impressive than it is! If anyone ever tells you that solving a Rubik’s cube involves mathematical ability or logical skill – they’re lying! All it really takes is practice and anyone can do it – give it a go, it’s a great party trick!

I really like pantomimes – My family has always watched at least 3 pantomimes a year, even though, at 21, I am the youngest in the family! In the last 3 years this has increased to 4 a year when my brother started performing in one in Swanage and this year I’m performing in one with the Bath Unity Players bringing the total (for my parents) to 5! It’s safe to say we are well rehearsed with our ‘it’s behind you’s. 

So there you have it, I hope this hasn’t turned out too much like an online dating profile and feel free to leave any comments or questions below!

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