Using very common household ingredients, you can make your own ‘Bouncy Egg’ in this fun Science experiment for kids to do at home! It’s very simple and low effort with easy steps to follow. Now, let’s getting ‘cracking’! You will need:
  • An egg
  • Vinegar (any kind)
  • Tap Water
  • A glass or jar
  • A plate (optional)


  • After making sure you have the right ingredients for the job, take your egg and put it in your glass or jar. You can use multiple eggs if you want.
  • Next, pour your vinegar in the glass or jar until the egg is completely surrounded by liquid. You may notice the outer layer of the egg start to corrode over time.
  • Leave the egg in a glass or jar for the next day or two in a safe place. After that, carefully take out your egg and wash it with tap water. And that’s the ‘Bouncy Egg’ eggs-experiment in an egg shell!
  • Your ‘Bouncy Egg’ should now be complete, ‘egg-cellent’ job! Before you bounce it, just be aware that the egg can still break so be careful.
  • To test the durability of your egg in the least messy way, try bouncing it lightly on a plate. How high can you bounce it before it breaks?
The Science Bit: How exactly does the egg gain this “bouncy” property and what happens to the shell? Well, you may have noticed that bubbles appear when the egg is placed in vinegar. During that time, a chemical reaction takes place between the acid of the vinegar and the shell of the egg, which is made of calcium carbonate. This strips away the egg shell, leaving just the insides which soak up the vinegar and turn it solid. And that’s all – we hope you enjoyed the ‘Bouncy Egg’ experiment!    

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