tornado experiment

Make a tornado in a jar!

Make a tornado in a jar - That's right, get in a spin and create your own mini natural disaster using some household items and a bit of glitter. You will need: 1 x jar with a lid Duct tape Water Washing…

The Naked Egg

The Naked Egg is a fantastically fun and interesting experiment that is easy to do using household items from your kitchen cupboards! Photo from Steve Spangler Science You will need... One egg Bottle of white vinegar Container¬†big enough for…
Floating Egg Science Experiment

Floating Egg Science Experiment

The floating egg science experiment is simple and easy to do. Find out how to make an egg float using items hanging around in the kitchen cupboards. You will need: 3 x Eggs 3 x Tall drinking glasses 1 x Jug of…
Taste test

Do the Taste Test

Do the taste test with this fun and easy science experiment to find out which senses are important when tasting food. Photo from You will need: 2 x Cubes of potato 2 x Cubes of apple 1 x Blindfold Make sure that the…

How to choose a children’s entertainer and what questions to ask

Children's entertainers can be a fantastic addition to your child's birthday party as they provide something a little bit different whilst taking the pressure off you as a parent. When it comes to choosing the entertainment for your child's birthday…

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