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Sparks, slime, eruptions and rockets from only £165! Book Fun Science Cheshire for a unique party that the kids will never forget, then sit back and relax as we take care of everything to make sure your child has the best birthday party ever!

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All prices quoted include up to 20 children but extra children can be added at just £3 each. Mats are provided so there is no need to worry about mess. Age guidelines are suggestions only, please feel free to choose the package you think will suit your child best. All packages include candy floss spinning.

Crazy Chemical Celebration – £165

Approximately 60 minutes, Recommended for ages 3-8 – Explosions, slime, bubbles and colour changing pictures![expand title=”Read More” trigclass=”my_special_class”]

The most creative of our parties, the Crazy Chemical Celebration kicks off with some wow-factor chemical reactions, with the birthday child becoming the assistant and helping with mixing and pouring.

Next, children get to make their own slime to take home! ab2All children will make slime simultaneously and get to choose their own colour so there is no time for anyone to lose interest. Children then move on to two more chemistry themed activities (involving bubbles and colour changing pictures) and candyfloss spinning before being given their own science name on a certificate to take home.

This party lasts for around 60 minutes and is recommended for children aged 3-8. The price quoted is for 20 children but extra children can be added at just £3 each.

“Thank you for the fab party! All the parents were raving about it! I will recommend Fun-Science to everybody for birthday party ideas and holiday activities!” – Max’s mum who booked a Crazy Chemical Celebration for his 4th birthday party.

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Sweets and Surprises – £165

– Approximately 60 minutes, Recommended for ages 4-11 – This party contains lots of making – sherbet, fizzy drinks (E number free!), rockets and rainbows! [expand title=”Read More” trigclass=”my_special_class”]

This party focuses around all things bright and sweet and is completely E number free! The party includes a mixture of wow factor chemical demonstrations (including colour changing liquids and lemonade rain) and candy creationsscience party

No one will leave this party empty handed as we will be making our own (additive free!) sherbet to take home. We will also be finding out what puts the fizz into our fizzy drinks and making some of our own. We will also be looking at the science of colours when we make rainbows appear before our very eyes and launching a rocket towards space! As with all parties children will be given their very own certificate to take home written out to their brand new science name.

This party lasts for around 60 minutes and is recommended for children aged 4-11. The price quoted is for 20 children but extra children can be added at just £3 each.

“Smashing kid’s party thanks to Fun Science – highly recommended” – A comment from a parent who booked a Sweets and Surprises party for her daughter’s 8th birthday party.

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Chemical/Electrical Extravaganza – £185

 – Approximately 70 minutes, Recommended for ages 7-11 – Explosions, slime, hair raising fun and making circuits out of our body![expand title=”Read More” trigclass=”my_special_class”]

If you want a slightly longer party or can’t decide between slime making and hair raising, book our Chemical/Electrical Extravaganza science party

All the best bits of our Crazy Chemical Celebration including chemistry demonstrations and slime making as well as a chance for all children to have a go at making themselves into a circuit and raising their hair on our Van de Graaff generator then spinning candyfloss before receiving a certificate with their brand new science name. In this party we move quickly between activities allowing time for everyone to have a go but making sure that there is no time for children to lose interest.

This party lasts for 70 minutes and is recommended for children aged 7-11.

Having a themed party? Our Chemical/Electrical Extravaganza can be adapted to suit your theme at no extra cost. In the past we have run Harry Potter parties, Star Wars parties and Princess parties! In these cases, the activities remain the same but the language we use changes (e.g. the Van de Graaff generator becomes a Wingardium Leviosa machine in a Harry Potter party or a force lightning creator in a Star Wars party!) and we change the colour options for slime making to fit in with the theme. If you are thinking of having a themed party please do let us know and we will see what we can do.

“ Thank you so much for making today the most stress free party ever. You were great at keeping a gang of 5 year olds mesmerised…whilst us Mums peacefully drank Pimms in the sitting room ! You were so professional, calm, turned up on time and even sorted the party bags (sea creatures growing in glasses of water as I type!) ” -A parent at a Chemical/Electrical Extravaganza for a group of 5 year olds.

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The Complete Package – £225

– Approximately 65 minutes before food then 30 minutes after. Really can’t decide? Book the complete package! We will run a combination of our Crazy Chemical Celebration and Fantastic Physics packages for roughly 65 minutes before your children sit down to eat their party lunch/tea (not included) then we will wait and run a Sweets and Surprises party for half an hour after the children have finished eating.

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