You must probably know about slime by now. However, we have come up with a colour changing slime experiment, to spice up your slime and makit it different to your typical slime making activities!

You will need: colour changing slime experiment equipment


  • Put your gloves on. Safety first! The paint can irritate skin.
  • Pour a bit of glue at the bottom of your cup. The amount you pour will determine the size of your slime. We went for approximately 1/4 of the cup.
  • Add a bit of paint to the glue, and stir them together with the spoon.
  • Once they’re well blended together, add a bit of activator until you get a slimy texture: not too sticky, not too liquidy.
  • Now, warm up your hands and knead the slime. Can you see how the colour changes? Or try holding the slime under warm water or on the ourside of the mug containing a hot drink.

The science bit: colour changing slime

  • Thermochromic paint pigments are made with thermochromic liquid crystals. These crystals move closer or away from each other depending on the temperature and the wavelengths of light they reflect changes depends on their proximity to each other. Different wavelengths of light give us different colours.
  • When we put the paint into our slime, it turned it into thermochromic colour changing slime which changes colour depending on temperature.

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