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Home Ed Online Primary Science

June 19 @ 10:00 am - July 17 @ 10:45 am


Our next course of 5 online home ed science sessions starts on the 19th June 2024 and is aimed at home educated children aged 7-12 but slightly younger or older children are welcome to attend. Sessions run at 10am – 10.45am weekly on Wednesdays.

This course will be run via Skype and you will need a computer to access the sessions. A webcam is desirable but not essential and your child does not have to be on camera. Just £8 per session and £3.50 for each additional sibling sharing the same screen. This price includes a set of equipment sent to you to be used in each session (1 set per child). You will also be asked to provide a few things from around the home such as scissors, pens and cups of water.

These 45 minute home ed primary science sessions are run online by Super Sonic Sam, a qualified primary school teacher with years of experience making science fun. Sessions provide children with an opportunity to socialise whilst learning. Sharing results is a key part of scientific research and these sessions will encourage collaboration and sharing ideas.

This term’s theme is acids, bases and chemical reactions.

All sessions are recorded and some families chose to join in via the recordings only so if you can’t make Wednesdays or miss a session you won’t lose out. We are available for email support during the week so you can still ask questions, even if you don’t attend the actual session.

Week 1 – Acid or alkali? – Use a PH indicator to test what pH a variety of materials are. Plus what happens when we add an acid and alkali together? This week we will also be focusing on the scientific skill of making a prediction.

Week 2 – Slime and polymers – We will be experimenting with a variety of reactions that create and break down polymers whilst finding out exactly what a polymer is and what it can do.

Week 3 – CO2 – This week is full of reactions that bubble. See what happens when gasses are created and build on your working scientifically skills.

Week 4 – Trapping gasses – Following on from last week we will be using the scientific method to see what happens when we trap gasses. We will also be exploring how we can affect the rate of a reaction.

Week 5 – Potion predictions – We will be putting together everything we have learned and children will be designing their own potion, predicting what it will do and carrying out an experiment. Will it bubble, change colour? Will the order they add things in make a difference etc?


The price for a block of five is £40 for the first child. Additional siblings are welcome to share a screen and work on the activities with their own set of equipment and there is an additional total cost of £17.50 per additional sibling for the additional kit. All sessions will be recorded so that you can access the session even if you are unavailable at the time of the session. We are also on hand for help and support between sessions too.


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