Want to learn about the laws of motion with a fun science experiment? Here’s a Christmas science experiment to help your children or pupils understand motion, with a flying sleigh!

You will need:Equipment Christmas Science Experiment

  • A balloon
  • A sleigh template, that you can customise, you can find ours here
  • A piece of straw (around 1 inch long)
  • A piece of string
  • Tape


  • Cut a small piece of straw and pass the string though it.
  • Print and cut out sleigh. You can decorate the sleigh to make the Christmas science experiment even more Christmassy!
  • Blow up the balloon without tying it.
  • Stick the straw on top of the ballon and the sleigh on the side of the balloon.
  • Stretch out the string on both ends so it is completely taught.
  • Let go of the balloon and see the sleigh slide along the string!

The science bit:Christmas Science Experiment

    • The balloon (and the sleigh) move because of Newton’s third law! Newton said that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In this case, when air moves out of the balloon in one direction, the balloon and sleigh are forced in the opposite direction.
    • Why not try this experiment with Rudolph or a Snowman? You could even use different types of balloons like a long balloon. You can find some long balloons here!
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