Check out some of our most Frequently asked questions about becoming a Fun Science franchisee. For general FAQs about our services click here.   – Why can’t I just set up my own company on my own? There is already a bigger company offering science entertainment in my area – Is there demand in my area? – Can you guarantee success? – How much money will I make? – What if I want to leave? Am I tied into a contract? Why can’t I just set up my own company on my own? Give it a go by all means, we did! However, it took far more than £5995 to start up (our website design alone cost more than £3000!), not to mention the amount of time spent planning sessions and overcoming obstacles. Think of a franchise like a community where everyone chips in. If 10 people decided to start their own science entertainment company, they would each need to pay for a website, SEO, marketing, equipment, graphic design, training etc. If those 10 people buy into a franchise their money is pooled together to create one national website, greater SEO, more marketing and equipment from wholesalers. Plus, when you work with Fun Science you will be able to start trading from day one. The website is already created, your email address will be set up, all your marketing materials are already made, you will have access to all the equipment you need and you can simply follow our instructions to start inspiring children across your area. There is already a bigger company offering science entertainment in my area
No problem! When we started, there were two science companies offering very similar services to ours within 20 miles of our base but we soon found our niche! We have spent time and money making sure our website ranks highly for key search terms so that parents find us before they find our competitors – and we can do this for you too. Also, Fun Science is the lowest cost provider of science birthday parties in the UK. This is because most of the equipment involved in our packages can be reused, keeping costs down and enabling us to pass these savings onto our customers and dramatically undercut the competition. Plus our franchise fee is less than half of our our closest competitor’s! Think about the amount of magicians, clowns and other children’s entertainers in one area then compare it to the amount of science parties – the market is by no means full yet! Is there demand in my area?
We track the hits on our website with an Google analytics and in the past month have received 105 visitors from London, 54 visitors from Oxford, 33 visitors from Cardiff, 29 visitors from Bournemouth and 24 visitors from Northampton. We have also had customers enquire about parties in London and Southampton and have had to turn them away. It is clear that there is demand in other parts of the country. If you want to know if there is demand in your area specifically why not try asking parents/teachers around you? Can you guarantee success
Nope! We can provide you with all the tools you need to be successful and will make it as easy as possible for you to succeed – after all, your success is our success too! However, it is completely up to you how much you choose to work. The more you put into it, the more you will get out, both financially and in terms of satisfaction. How much money will I make?
It is completely up to you how much you choose to work so it is impossible to predict exactly how much you will make. We can however, give you a rough figure of how much profit each service will make based on our own experiences. Click here to see a table outlining how much you can make from each service. Luckily, Fun Science can easily be run from home meaning your only overheads will be just the cost of running a car, insurance and your standard home running costs. What if I want to leave? Am I tied into a contract?
You have the option to leave the Fun Science franchise once every two years. If you terminate your Fun Science franchise you will be permitted to keep our equipment for your own personal use and may sell any unbranded items. However, your website and email address will become inactive and you will not be able to run services under our name. You will also be subject to a contract of non competition and will not be able to take part in running any business that could be seen as being in competition with ours for 1 year after termination of your franchise. You may choose to sell your franchise if you feel you have added value to it. All buyers must be approved by us but we will help and support you through this process.      

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