The Royal Institute is offering grants of up to £500 to enable schools to make use of registered providers of extracurricular STEM activities. All state schools are eligible to apply, though preference may be given to schools in areas where many children receive free school meals and to school who have not received funding for STEM activities in the past three years.Free science workshops for schools Fun Science offers a ‘schools day’ which includes 5 workshops and a 15 minute show for all schools based up to 35 miles from Bath. This day would normally cost £500 so will be covered entirely by the grant being offered by the Royal Institute. Fun Science is able to run one of it’s set days or create a day tailored to each school and the topics they have been studying. Set days can be run on topics including Electricity, Green energy, Rockets, Explosions, Chemical Reactions, Materials and Polymers, Forensic science and more. Each 45 minute workshop is run by two highly trained scientists and is suitable for up to 100 children. As a registered provider of STEM activities, Fun Science is offering to help schools with the application and has application templates available. The deadline for grant applications is Monday 9th February and all activities must take place before July 2015. For more information visit // or email

Run Your Own Fun Science Branch

A Fun Science franchise is perfect if you want to run your own business without the risks and hassle of starting up alone. Interested? Then click the link for more information!

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