Fun Science British Franchise AssociationGreat news – Fun Science is now a fully accredited associate of the British Franchise Association. But what does this mean? For years, our franchise package has been accredited by the Approved Franchise Association. This means it had undergone a range of checks to ensure our franchise agreement is fair for franchisees and that the franchise lives up to all the promises we make on our website. In 2021 the AFA was bought out by the BFA and we began the process of signing up to the BFA instead. This meant our franchise package went under even more checks to prove the profitability of the model and the satistaction of existing franchisees. Our franchise agreement was scrutinised by an expert, financial reports from our franchisees were examined by an independent surveyor to ensure our financial projections were correct and our existing franchisees filled in a survey. In this survey, existing franchisees were asked to rank core aspects of the franchise model with how satisfied they were from 0-5. A score of 1 from everyone would result in 20% satisfaction rating, a score of 5 from everyone would result in a 100% satisfaction rating. We received the following ratings. Culture and relationships – 92% Leadership – 84% Value and rewards (financial satisfaction) – 87% Overall satisfaction – 97% We are delighted with these scores, especially to have receive an overall satisfaction rating of 97%. If you would like to find out more about franchising you can visit our dedicated franchise website at

Run Your Own Fun Science Branch

A Fun Science franchise is perfect if you want to run your own business without the risks and hassle of starting up alone. Interested? Then click the link for more information!

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