Sugar crystals are molecules that are made up of 2 different sugars, glucose and fructose. Make some rock candy and learn about supersaturation solution of molecules in water.
Make pretty rock candy
You will need 2.5 cups of white sugar, 1 cup of water, cake – pop sticks, food coloring. Method: # 1 – Dip the end of each cake pop stick into water and then roll in the sugar. How far the sugar comes up the stick will determine the size of your rock candy stick. # 2 – Heat together the remaining water and sugar until syrup like. This is the supersaturated sugar solution. Allow the mix to cool slightly before pouring it into as many glass containers as you have food colors. Add as much or as little coloring as you want. # 3 – Once the mixture is completely cool pop in the sugar coated pop sticks. Keep them for in the sugar solution for about a week, moving every so often. # 4 – At the end of 7 days your rock candy should have grown to evenly coat the pre-sugared stick. As well as coloring flavour can be added at the syrup stage, and voila! Home-made rock candy lolly-pop The science behind it…a supersaturated solution is one that is forced to hold more atoms in a solution (In this case water) than it normally would. In this experiment the supersaturated solution was made using heat. Crystals start to form when the supersaturated solution meets a “seed” atom or molecule, which here was the pre-sugar coated sticks. This causes the other atoms to be drawn out of the solution and attach to the “seed”.    

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