Today is the 1 year anniversary of the launch of Fun Science Dorset. To celebrate, we’ve caught up with branch owner Kinetic Kate and asked her a few questions about her first year as a Fun Scientist.

What were you doing before you became a Fun Scientist?Kinetic Kate

Before becoming a Fun Scientist, I managed an outdoor education centre. It was a great job and I got to take children, mainly from London, out and about in the Dorset countryside. I did get to use science as we went rockpooling, exploring the local geology, hunting for fossils and of course investigating the beach. I had been there 11 years and fancied trying something different and that’s when I discovered Fun Science.

What is your favourite thing about being a Fun Scientist?

A couple of my favorite things would be being able to answer children’s science questions through experiments and inspiring them to develop their curiosity in the world around them. Plus of course the group ‘ooohs’ and ‘aahhs’ when something erupts or explodes!

Do you have a favourite science experiment or a science experiment that is most popular with the children in your groups?

The Elephant’s Toothpaste experiment is a favourite with me and many children. I did also really enjoy Easter workshops– it is amazing the number of different Egg-speriments you can do with eggs!

What is the funniest/most interesting/nicest thing that a child has said to you in one of your sessions?

Children say so many funny and interesting things, I do keep planning to write them down in a quote book! One child said recently “Wow Kinetic Kate knows a lot more than Nina (and the Neurons). Nina is like a baby scientist who will grow into Kinetic Kate”. Another said “when I am older and have invented something using science I will come back and give you what I have invented ….. at a 10% discount!”

Kinetic Kate from Fun Science DorsetDo you have a favourite service to run (e.g. parties, workshops etc.) and why?

I am afraid that I can’t pick a favourite since they are all so different. The excitement of the birthday parties and sharing experiments with a large group of children is great. I really enjoy visiting schools and working with them to build on the science topics pupils have been learning about in the classroom. Plus I love the challenge of creating workshops to answer the different questions and interests of my home educated groups.

What are you hoping to achieve in the next year? ​

I plan to continue with my regular groups and investigate running more workshops and events. I want to develop some new session plans and activities and continue to show children how interesting and fun science can be.
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