Water beads are great fun to play with, but did you know they can also be great for science experiments? Use water beads to make a hidden object reappear, and learn about refraction in this fun hidden object experiment!

hidden object experiment You will need:

  • Clear water beads
  • Clear container
  • Object such as a small toy
  • Jug


  • Cover your water beads in water and leave them overnight to grow.
  • Drain any remaining water.
  • hidden object experiment

    Put enough water beads in your clear container to cover the bottom.
  • Place your object on top of the water beads and cover it with the remaining balls.
  • Fill your jug with water.
  • Pour water into the container until you can see your object!

The science bit:

  • Even though the beads are clear, their round shape refracts light in lots of different directions so we can’t see through them! Making your object looked blurred.
  • Refraction is when light changes direction when passing through different things, such as glass and water.
  • When you add water, the water fills in the gaps between the water balls and means that the light now bends in just one direction so the object can be seen.
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