You will need:


  • Take your LED bulb and secure it to the battery using electrical tape by putting one ‘leg’ of the LED either side of the battery. LEDs only work in one direction so if it is not working, turn the LED around and try again.
  • Cut your pipe cleaner to size and bend into the shape you want e.g. a mini Christmas tree, or a bauble.
  • Attach the LED and battery to the pipe cleaner with tape.
  • Add ribbon to hang if required.
  • Display your homemade decoration!

Health and safety

Batteries can be very dangerous if swallowed and your children should be supervised when playing with their button cell batteries, especially if playing with or near younger siblings and animals. The batteries should also be stored out of reach of pets or children under the age of three. If you know or suspect that your child has swallowed a battery of any kind you should take them immediately to your local accident and emergency centre.  

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