Have you always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride? Well this experiment won’t take you above the clouds but it will help you to understand how they work! Make your own hot air balloon bag with these easy instructions.

hot air balloon bag equipmentYou will need:

  • A bin bag
  • String
  • 8 paper clips
  • Hair dryer
  • Decorations (optional)


  • Decorate your bag (optional)
  • Tie the bottom of the bin bag using the string and turn the bag over so the tied end is at the top.
  • Attach the paperclips at equal intervals around the edge of the opening of the bag to weigh it down.
  • hot air balloon bagHold the hair dryer under the opening of the bag and turn it on. Someone will need to hold the top of the bag.
  • When you find the bag starting to float or tug, let go and watch it start to float!

The science bit:

Hot air balloons work because hot air is lighter than cold air. It is also a lot easier to control than putting helium in the balloons! When you blow the hot air into your hot air balloon bag the air inside the bag becomes lighter than the air around it so it floats! Enjoy this experiment? Visit our blog to find loads more like this!

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