How to choose a children’s entertainer and what questions to ask

How to choose a children’s entertainer and what questions to ask

Children’s entertainers can be a fantastic addition to your child’s birthday party as they provide something a little bit different whilst taking the pressure off you as a parent. When it comes to choosing the entertainment for your child’s birthday party, it’s important to get it right. Luckily, as entertainers ourselves, we at Fun Science know some of the top tips for choosing the entertainment for your child’s party!

1) Find something your child is interested in – So maybe your child likes dinosaurs, princesses, science etc.. Try and find an entertainer that specialises in providing parties to suit your child’s interests. Children’s entertainment has progressed a long way from the times when every child had a juggler or a magician at their birthday party. Of course, there are many fantastic jugglers, clowns and magicians around and so if this is what your child is interested in then my all means book one, but don’t be afraid to look around for something a little bit different. 

2) Pick a recommended entertainer – Any good entertainment companies will have a section containing testimonials or comments from previous parties, however if they don’t then do not be afraid to ask for one. Also, many companies offering character entertainment may employ a number of staff to act as that character and some may be better than others. Make sure you ask for a review or reference of the specific person that will be leading your entertainment on the day. 

3) Shop around – Cheaper prices do not necessarily mean lower quality – As a company offering prices that undercut many other similar companies in the area, we often hear comments such as ‘we paid far more for her brothers party and it wasn’t nearly so fun!’. This is because a lower priced company does not necessarily mean that the quality is compromised, in fact it is far more likely to be indicative of the companies costs. For example, our parties are priced fairly low because we have very few overhead costs and prefer to use word-of-mouth advertising. 

4) Communicate with your entertainer – Tell them if you have any special requirements. Perhaps your child is particularly looking forward to seeing a particular magic trick or juggling routine that they saw at a friends party – be sure to let your entertainer know to avoid disappointment.The golden rule here is ‘just ask!’. At Fun Science we are always happy to do all we can to cater to size, age and theme requirements, but if we don’t know that there will only be 5 children or that your child has invited friends aged from 3-11 – we can’t prepare!

5) Make sure the entertainment will be age appropriate – Most entertainers will have age guidelines and it is generally best to stay within these. If they do not state a particular age, it is best to ask or to let them know the age of the attending children so that your party can be altered accordingly. However, that being said, you know your children best and if you think that a party that claims to be suitable for ages 6-11 would suit your 4 year old perfectly then remember the golden rule and ‘just ask’. Our parties are recommended for children aged 5-11 yet we have run many successful parties for children slightly younger or older whose parents have let us know their child’s age beforehand. 

6) Book a Fun Science birthday party! – Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a little shameless advertising! If your child is into science, our party packages are engaging, interesting and have received many fantastic reviews. We also cover most of Somerset and Wiltshire so have a look for yourself at //

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