Bored of brushes and hand painting ? You can use magnets! Here we show you how to carry out this magnet painting science experiment for creative kids. This experiment is great for your kids to be creative while understanding more about how magnets work.

You will need: magnet painting experiment

  • A tray
  • A sheet of paper
  • Paint (multiple colours)
  • A magnet, you can find the one we used here
  • A paper clip, a small steel ball or any little magnetic object


  • Place your sheet of paper on the tray.
  • Time to paint! You can paint whatever you want on the piece of paper. We went for some straight lines, try some flowers maybe?
  • Now the magnetic painting! Place your paper clip or other magnetic item on top of the paint and place your magnet underneath the tray.
  • Move the magnet and see how the paper clip/ball moves with it. You’ve made a magnet painting science experiment!

The science bit: magnet painting experiment

  • Magnetic items attract to magnets even if there is something else between them (e.g. the tray). This is because magnetism is a non-contact force.
  • The magnet can move the magnetic item around, even from underneath the tray.
  • This makes the paint move and creates a fantastic picture.
If you are interested in learning more about magnets, check out our magnetic coins science experiment!

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