Magnet Rummy!

Place your magnets carefully to make other players pick them up! For 2 or more players

You will need:

  • 16 magnets
  • postcard or greetings card

How to Play:

Object of the game: to be the first to get rid of all your magnets.
  • Divide the magnets equally between players. If there are any magnets left over, put them on the card.
  • Take turns to place magnets carefully onto the card, so that they don’t attract other magnets.
  • If a player’s move attracts other magnets, that player must pick up all of the magnets which have stuck together.
  • Continue play.
  • If a player has only one magnet left, they must knock on the playing surface.
  • Play ends when one player has got rid of all of their magnets.
  • Play may continue to see who comes second/third/fourth etc.

The Science Bit:

Magnets are polar, with a North and South pole. Opposite poles attract, so North and South ends of magnets will stick together. Magnets create a magnetic field around them which is stronger nearer to the magnet itself. Placing one magnet inside the field of another may cause them to attract.

You could try:

  • Using different types of magnets to play the game
  • Changing the size of the card
  • Using different textures so that the magnets slide more or less easily, e.g., corrugated card, a plate, fur fabric, a face cloth, a plastic bag
  • Adding other magnetic items, e.g., paperclips, coins. You could invent a points system for these items!

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