Online science course for home educated childrenOur next course of online home ed science sessions starts on the 1st October 2020 and is aimed at home educated children aged 5-9. This course will be run via Zoom and you will need a computer to access the sessions. A webcam is desirable but not essential and your child does not have to be on camera. Just £4 per session and £1 for each additional sibling. These 45 minute home ed science sessions are run by a highly trained scientist and provide children with an opportunity to socialise whilst learning. Sharing results is a key part of scientific research and these sessions will encourage collaboration. All sessions will involve practical science experiments that use easily obtainable materials. Please see below for a list of sessions and the equipment that will be needed. You will need to source this equipment ahead of each session but you are likely to have most of it at home already. The majority of each session will be practical experiments with some time for watching a larger demo and sharing ideas with other children in the group.


The price for a block of four sessions is £16 per screen. Additional siblings are welcome to share a screen and work on the activities together and there is an additional total cost of £4 per additional sibling. All sessions will be recorded so that you can access the session even if you are unavailable one week. We are also on hand for help and support between sessions too. This club will be strictly limited to 15 screens and 20 participants so that every child gets the most out of the club. Click here to sign up You may also be interested in our online coding course for children aged 7-12.


Session 1 – 11am – 1st October – Colours – In this first session, children will be exploring the science of colour and learning the different between the colours of light and the colours of ink. We will be conducting chromatography, making bubbles to trap rainbows and doing a colour changing reaction. You will need:
  • Kitchen roll/toilet paper x 3 sheets
  • Felt tip pens (a selection of colours)
  • Cup of water x 2
  • Spinner template (either printed our template or draw your own)
  • Cocktail stick/sharp pencil
  • Red cabbage (just a section or a few leaves is fine)
  • One or more acids (e.g. vinegar, citric acid, lemon juice)
  • One or more alkalis (e.g. bicarbonate of soda, baking powder, washing powder, toothpaste),
  • Washing up liquid
  • Straw (paper or plastic)
Session 2 – 11am – 8th October – Rockets and flight – This session is all about forces and children will be making a range of flying machines. You will need:
  • Straw (paper or plastic)
  • Scissors
  • Paper clips x 3
  • A4 paper x 4 sheets (can be scrap paper)
  • Sticky tape
Session 3 – 11am – 15th October – Chemical and physical reactions – Children will go away from this session with a passion for chemistry. They will also know the difference between a chemical and physical reaction! You will need:
  • Cup of water,
  • Small amount of vegetable oil (as much as you can spare)
  • Clear cup/glass x 3
  • Bicarbonate of soda/baking powder
  • Vinegar/lemon juice
  • Teaspoon
  • Empty bottle (any size)
  • Balloon
Session 4 – 11am – 22nd October – Magic science – Some experiments are so cool, they look like magic! This session includes lots of ‘tricks’ and best of all, children will learn how they are done! You will need:
  • String x 15 cm length (roughly)
  • Tray/washing up bowl
  • Sticky tape,
  • 2 x empty clear cups
  • Cup of water
  • A4 paper x 2 sheets (can be scrap)
  • Scissors
  • Pen (any colour). 
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