Fun Science birthday parties

We are currently offering four party packages, all of which are great fun for children and brilliant value for parents! Each session is run by a highly trained Fun Scientist complete with lab coat who will come to your venue, run the session and clean up afterwards. We are able to travel up to 35 miles from Bath and our parties are recommended for children aged 4-11. All prices quoted include up to 20 children but extra children can be added at just £2.50 each. We will bring mats with us so there is no need to worry about mess.
Crazy chemical celebration - £80 - Approximately 45 minutes
The most creative of our parties, this session kicks off with some wow-factor chemical reactions, with the birthday child becoming the assistant and helping with mixing and pouring. Next, children get to make their own slime to take home! All children will make slime simultaneously and get to choose their own colour so there is no time for anyone to lose interest. Children then move quickly on to two more chemistry themed activities before being given their own science name on a certificate to take home.

Sweets and Surprises - £100 - Approximately 45 minutes
This party focuses around all things bright and sweet and best of all is completely E number free! The party includes a mixture of wow factor chemical demonstrations (including colour changing liquids and disappearing balls) and candy creations! No one will leave this party empty handed as we will be making our own (additive free!) sherbert, candy floss and fizzy drinks to taste and take home. We will also be looking at the science of colours when we make rainbows appear before our very eyes! As with all parties children will be given their very own certificate to take home written out to their brand new science name!

Amazing electrics - £120 - Approximately 1 hour
This is our most active and visual party with big machines, balloons and lots and lots of group interaction. In this session we will be bringing along our Van de Graaf generator which is the special machine which we use to make peoples hair stick up as well as making lightning - all using static electricity! We will also be using flashing circuit balls to become a circuit ourselves and learning about conductors, insulators and switches. At the end children will be given their own science name on a certificate to take home.

Chemical/electrical extravaganza! - £140 - Approximately 70 minutes - All the best bits of our Crazy Chemical Celebration including chemistry demonstrations and slime making as well as a chance for all children to have a go at making themselves into a circuit and raising their hair on our Van de Graaff generator before receiving a certificate with their brand new science name on.

Hosting a themed party? In the past our chemical/electrical extravaganza has become a Harry Potter party (With potions class, slime made in house colours and of course the wingardium leviosa machine!), Star wars party (Static 'lightsabers', space slime, foaming darth vader head and a growing deathstar) and a spooky halloween party (foaming pumpkins, hair raising fright machine and scary lightning). There is no extra charge for having a themed chemical/electrical extravaganza and if you would like something different to the themes mentioned above please do let us know and we will see what we can do for you.

"Thank you so much for a really creative and interesting party on Sunday. You were terrific with the children! I will certainly be recommending you to other mums!"

Parent at a crazy chemical celebration.

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