Code Club Expansion Kit


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If your children have enjoyed the first five code club projects and are keen to do more, this is the kit for them. This kit expands upon what was learned in the first five projects with activities both on and off the Microbit. This kit builds on what the children have already learned with five brand new activities. Children will be using the Microbit to compose their own tune and play it through a speaker as well as creating a brand new game and adding sound to it. They will also be using a breadboard (not they type you cut bread on!) to test out electrical circuits and then creating code to mix red, green and blue light together in different quantities to create any colour they choose. Next they will be making their LED light flash and then creating a random light generator. The activities in this kit are more complicated than those in the past kit but if your children were able to complete the activities in the previous kit, either alone or with adult help, they should be able to complete the activities in this kit with no problem. If you haven’t bought the Code Club Kit but already have a Microbit you can purchase this expansion kit but your child will need to know the basics of blockly coding and have two alligator test leads at home. The kit contains
  • Piezo speaker – this is a very small, fairly quiet speaker that is perfect for electrical projects and has the right connections for a breadboard. Please do not expect a loudspeaker that you will be able to use with your mp3 player!
  • 3 x 100 ohm resistors
  • 1 x 170 hole breadboard (colours may vary)
  • 1 x RGB colour changing LED
  • 4 x jumper wires (male to male)
  • 2 x alligator test leads (colours may vary)
  • A link to a password protected page of the website with videos and written instructions for all five projects
  • Online support for all projects throughout May and June, either on our private Facebook group or via email. You can also call us for support Monday – Friday 9am – 4.30pm.

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