Fun Science Sheffield offers free science assemblies to primary, infant or junior schools located in Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield and nearby.  Schools can chose from
  • Crazy Chemistry – fizzing reactions, foaming eruptions and fantastic fire bubbles!
  • Super Static Electricity – electric shocks, hair raising, and indoor lightning with our Van de Graaf generator.
  • Disgusting Digestion – showing how food passes through the body complete with a poo making demo (very disgusting!)
  • Amazing air – air pressure waves, blasting plastic cups off teachers’ heads and shooting fog rings across the room!
Read on to find out why we are offering our services for free.

Fun Science Assemblies are completely freeWhy is it free?

We love getting children interested in science and provide a number of services for schools including our five week after school programme. We hope that if you see how excited and engaged your pupils are during our assembly you will consider hosting the programme (which carries no cost to the school). If, after the assembly, you decide the club is not for you – no problem! Your pupils will have received an experience they may otherwise have missed out on and that is enough reward for us. You can read more about the after school programme and why we think we are the best company for your school here.

Are we eligible?

The assembly is free for all primary, junior or infant schools located near to one of our branches. All we ask is that you consider hosting the Fun Science after school programme afterwards. If you decide it is not for you or your pupils then the assembly remains completely 100% free. If you are unsure if you fit into our radius just ask. The assembly itself lasts for 15 minutes.

We’re still not sure.

If you need any more information or would like to talk to anyone about the free assemblies email can also read a great review of a fun science assembly by clicking here.

We’d like to go ahead and book a free science assembly!

Brilliant! If you would like to book an assembly please email If you are located elsewhere in the UK then please click here to find your nearest branch.  You can then either call or email that branch directly.

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