Imagine your entire town or area could fit into the bottom of a cup or jar, with the clouds and rain far above. Let’s make a mini rainscape in a cup! Watch rain patterns forming and falling through the sky!

You will need:

  • Clear cup or jar
  • Water
  • Pipette or teaspoon
  • Food colouring
  • Shaving foam


  • Fill your cup almost to the top with water. This will be the air above your town or area.
  • Cover the surface of the water with shaving foam. This will be the clouds
  • Pipette food colouring a few drops at a time over the shaving foam.
  • Watch the coloured ‘rain’ fall from the clouds and descend through the ‘air’ towards the ground at the bottom.

The Science Bit

Clouds are made from tiny water droplets. These droplets can grow bigger and stick together so that they become too heavy to stay in the cloud, and they fall as rain. Sometimes droplets stick together as they fall, forming larger drops of rain. Often the droplets are still small enough to move about on their way to the ground, and are blown by the wind. They can swirl and scatter, as you can see in your experiment.


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