Having a cup of tea with biscuits is one of our favourite things at Fun Science! But we all know how annoying it is when the biscuits go soggy when dunked in the tea (or any warm drink lovers out there). For that reason, we’ve come up with a tea dunking experiment for kids to try (and taste!). Are you thinking of doing the dunking experiment? Click here to join in our fun science BIG experiment and share your results with children across the country. 

You will need:Tea Dunking Experiment equipment

  • A cup filled up with warm tap water. The water shouldn’t be boiling for safety.
  • A selection of different types of biscuits, we’d suggest at least four different types.


  • This experiment can be done alone or in pairs. If you are in pairs, have one child be the ‘dunker’ and the other the ‘counter’. They can swap roles every ten dunks or once the biscuit breaks away.
  • The dunker dips half of the biscuit in the warm water for one second, then removes it.
  • Repeat this step with the same biscuit until it becomes soggy and starts to crumble. Meanwhile, the counter should count how many times the biscuits has to be dunked before it deteriorates.
  • Why not write down the experiment –  the variables (things you changed) and the results on a piece of paper to make it extra-scientific?
  • Swap roles and do the same with a different type of biscuit. Do they take less time to crumble? Or have you found the Holy Grail of biscuits for your warm drinks thanks to our tea dunking experiment?

The science bit:

  • Have a look at your paper and see what you’ve observed for each type of biscuit!
  • What results did you get? Which variables have you found affected the dunkability of each biscuits? Was it their thickness? Shape? Texture? Composition? Did they have any icing or chocolate on top to hold the crumbs together?
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