Tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of the first ever Fun Science birthday party that I ran as the manager of Fun Science Bath. To celebrate, here are my top ten favorite things about running a Fun Science branch.   1) It’s tried and tested and kids love it! There is something very rewarding about turning up for work when you know that what you are doing is guaranteed to go down well with your audience. 2) It’s taken me to some really cool and interesting places. In the past three years I have worked at Camp Bestival, The Haldon Specialist Eating Disorder clinic, a networking event in Bournemouth and of course plenty of schools and village halls! 3) Spending my days with children is amazing and inspiring. I’m constantly surprised and impressed by the extent of children’s imaginations and the ideas they can come up with when given the right resources. 4) I love science more than ever before. Of course, I enjoyed science before I started Fun Science Bath, but learning or re-learning things in order to teach them has made me look at science in a completely different way – and it’s great! 5) I have access to loads of cool gadgets and experiments. I recently looked after one of my friend’s children for the evening and finding something to do with her at home was absolutely no problem! I also like to share my experiments with friends and family and find adults are often as impressed as the kids! 1912430_665849906808097_840074849_n6) Every day is different. Not only do I do different experiments with different children each day, I visit a range of local groups. This year I have visited schools, home education groups, a school held in a yurt, two young carer’s groups, cubs, holiday clubs, a deaf children’s society and many more organisations. 7) When children say ‘I want to be a scientist when a grow up’ – Jobs for scientists are increasing and students studying the sciences at A level has decreased over the last 10 years so this really is great to hear! 8) I love showing off! – If I could pick any job regardless of ability, I would have been a dancer. Unfortunately I was not born with any dancing ability to speak of – think a cross between an awkward penguin and dad dancing. This job gives me a chance to perform, without having to bust a move! 9) I get to try my hand at a bit of everything – Running a business requires far more than just providing a service. I am marketing manager, PR consultant, record keeper, decision maker and copywriter all rolled into one! 10) It doesn’t feel like work – Of course, there are days when I’d rather be lying on the sofa watching Grand Designs than getting ready to run an after school club. But, the moment I get into a room with a group of children and see how excited they are when they hear what we will be doing that day, I wouldn’t be anywhere else.   Do you have a job you love? Comment below and tell us why! If you think you would struggle to come up with 1 reason why you love your job, let alone 10, why not click here to check out our franchise opportunities.     

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