We’ve all said it, “new year, new me!” So here are our top 5 new year’s resolutions to help you get started!

1 – Try Something New

Pirates in an adventure with scientists It’s always great to try new things, big or small! From learning a new skill or having a new experience, it’s sure to be memorable. Why not take on a project with the kids? Our blog has loads of different things to try! A great one is making a stop motion animation. This is great to do with the whole family and you can create something unique and something that will last! It’s a great sense of achievement when it’s finished!

2 – Start a Business 1000 x 300

This can be a daunting one. Becoming a franchisee is a great way of running a business without the risk and hassle of starting up alone. At Fun Science we are always looking for new franchisees to get kids excited about science, whilst providing you with a flexible and profitable business! think this sounds right for you? Click here to find out more. 

3 – Visit Somewhere New

This can be as far and wide as you want! The UK is full of fantastic places to visit if you don’t want to go abroad. And if you visit anywhere that has one of our branches, then check out our blog for the top 5 things to do in that area! Visiting new places doesn’t have to be a massive task. A weekend break can provide some great experiences for all the family.

4 – Cook More/Different Recipes

Cooking is a great one but it can be hard to get inspiration! It is also a great activity to do with the kids and is a great way to learn about science at the same time! Exploring different states through melting, boiling, freezing etc., creating chemical reactions (making sherbert is a great one for this!) and much more. Make tasty dishes and treats whilst learning about science at the same time! And learning a new skill!

5 – Exercise

Possibly the most common New Year’s Resolution! It can be hard to factor in doing exercise into a busy schedule, but why not get the kids involved? It can be a great thing to do as a family, whilst getting fit at the same time! It’s also the perfect way to teach some science! How does their heart rate change when they stand up, walk, jog, sprint? Why is it important to warm up? Why not get a pedometer to see who takes the most steps in a day? There are so many possibilities.

Run Your Own Fun Science Branch

A Fun Science franchise is perfect if you want to run your own business without the risks and hassle of starting up alone. Interested? Then click the link for more information!

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