What To Do After University – It’s Up To You!

What To Do After University – It’s Up To You!

What to do after University – It’s up to you! The prospect of leaving university and heading out into the big wide world can seem daunting, so here are some ideas that might help you on your path to the future. Whether you want to travel, get a job, buy a franchise, or even do more studying, there is an option for you!   Remember, it’s not what you have studied, it’s how well you’ve studied! Lots of people graduate from university with a degree that has absolutely no relevance to the career they go into. Employers are more interested in seeing that you can stick out a degree, and have studied hard, rather than what subject you have studied. Traveling is a great choice after a degree, it’s the ultimate “Blow off steam” experience! However it can be extremely expensive, and funding a travelling stint, along with university debt won’t be easy, especially if you won’t be earning money on your travels so make sure you plan ahead and start saving before you graduate. On the positive side, this is probably the best time in your life to go travelling! You’re more likely to have less ties and are likely to meet like minded people along the way. Work! I’m sure you have heard the fear mongering tales that graduate jobs are far and few between, seen the statistics of how long it will take to pay back your debt etc. Don’t panic! If you’ve studied hard for 3 long years (or longer) at university, you can persevere and find a job! It’s all about who you know and who knows you, so networking is crucial, especially whilst you are still at University. However if you leave, feeling like you know no-one, there are loads of great networking events outside of academia, just search www.gov.uk/events-finder as a starter. Placements and volunteering always look great on a CV, so do a bit for charity and you’ll be ahead of the game. Don’t forget to use the fabulous resources at university, to get all your cover letters, applications and CV’s looking great, as well as to help with general job searching.
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What to do after University?
Buy a Franchise… Even if you don’t consider yourself a budding entrepreneur, buying a franchise might be right for you. It’s the opportunity to own part of a business, without the risk and huge start-up costs of starting your own company. Franchises have a strong track record of success, unlike business start-ups, with over 80% of business start ups liquidating within 3 years.  Another advantage of franchising is the sharing of knowledge. Buying into a franchise means you won’t need to undertake long hours of market research and analysis, you won’t waste time selling a product or service that no one wants, because the company will already have done this for you. This means you will have a higher turnover, faster, with a better profit margin. And don’t worry, you don’t need a business degree, anyone can buy into a franchise, and all the training you need will be provided! And if your wondering “How am I going to pay for it?!” fear not! Banks and government bodies are far more likely and willing to give loans for a franchise start up, as they will be investing in a proven successful business, with minimised risks. More Study?! Some academics truly get bitten by the study bug. And luckily for those who do, University’s have created courses to accommodate them. The most common path of study after a degree is a masters, a 1/2 year, un-funded course. However, there are lots of other paths to continue you’re studies such as: PGCE’s, Ph.D’s, and specialised courses (Law, Tax etc) But what ever you want to do, it is possible if you put your mind to it! Remember – It’s Up To You!

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